Greece Faces Measles Epidemic, Cases Triple in Two Months

Greece is facing a measles epidemic this year with the number of reported cases tripling within two months, according to the National Centre for the Control and Prevention of Diseases (Keelpno).

In late October, the first casualty of the disease outbreak was a vaccinated Roma baby aged 11 months. A total of 326 confirmed cases have been reported from the start of the year.

By December 28, Keelpno confirmed 922 measles cases across the country. Most cases, according to the data, concerned Roma children and people aged 25-44 who were not properly immunized against measles.

Since 2016 more than 19,000 cases have been reported across Europe, including 46 deaths of complications, experts noted. Keelpno reiterated calls for prompt vaccination of people at risk.

Source: Xinhua