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€1.3 Million Stolen in “Heist of the Decade” in Volos

It’s only been a couple of days but, given the amount of money stolen, pundits and police reporters are already calling it “the heist of the decade”.

The heist took place in the central Greece city of Volos during the year-end extended weekend, when unknown assailants broke into the home of an elderly man and his brother in Volos, stealing an obscene amount of money.

According to local reports, the thieves got away with 1.3 million euros in cash and 400 British gold pounds. That is the largest amount of money stolen during a single heist in the country in the last decade.

The elderly victim is a retired businessman well known for his philanthropic work in the city and the wider Magnesia prefecture. Apparently the reason this huge sum of money was at his home was due to the recent liquidation of bonds.

The two brothers who own the house that was robbed were away in Athens during the holidays. Police detectives are investigating the case, but so far have not released any leads as to any suspects.