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Greek Winter Sales from January 8 to February 28

The winter sales in Greece will begin on January 8 and last until February 28, with shops staying open on January 14; the first Sunday of the sales period.

According to an announcement by the Thessaloniki Merchants’ Association, the proposed hours for Sunday opening are 11:00-18:00.

Struggling store owners, particularly in Athens, have announced a mere 2.5% hike in their profits in the holiday season and are now anxious to capitalize on it with the almost two-month long winter sales.

The association has warned shopkeepers to be careful when displaying the discounts offered on goods and services, ensuring that the information given is accurate, with mistakes carrying heavy penalties.

In addition to displaying the original and discount prices of items on sale, retailers are also allowed to display the percentage discount offered.

If there is a discount on more than 60% of a store’s goods on sale, it is mandatory to show the percentage discount given, which must be displayed in the shop window and all other commercial communication, such as online stores and public advertisements.

If there are different percentage discounts for goods on sale, the range of the discounts offered must be displayed. Otherwise, signs must indicate that the sales concern selected items, citing the corresponding percentage discount.

Source: AMNA