Greek Court Approves Extradition of FYROM Wiretapping Suspects

A Greek court in Thessaloniki has approved a FYROM request for the extradition of two former secret police employees linked to the wiretapping scandal that brought down the country’s previous government.

The two former police officers, Goran Grujevski and Nikola Boskoski, have claimed that their lives might be in danger if they are extradited to FYROM.

They have already lodged an appeal against the ruling with the Greek Supreme Court. Grujevski and Boskoski had been on the run for three months after the Skopje Criminal Court ordered their detention on July 18.

Greek police arrested the fugitives in October at Thessaloniki airport. They were caught with fake passports while trying to flee again to a third country.

The two former secret police employees have been indicted by FYROM’s Special Prosecution, the SJO, over their alleged role in the illegal wiretapping scandal that caused a long-running political crisis in the Balkan country.

They are accused, among others, in cases of illegal surveillance of communications, and for the subsequent destruction of the surveillance equipment, after the scandal was revealed by the then opposition Social Democrats early in 2015.

Source: Balkan Insight


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