PETA Delivers Fur Coats to Lesvos Refugees

Animal rights activist organization PETA has delivered around 200 fur coats to refugees on Lesvos, Greece.

The coats were given to Lighthouse Relief, a charity which provides refugees with urgent help, and aims to protect those stranded in camps from the freezing winter temperatures.

The animal skin coats – given to PETA by people who have had a change of heart about wearing the cruelly produced items – will help those in dire need of staying warm.

Through its fur-donation programme, PETA distributes coats to refugee camps, and donates them to sanctuaries to be used as bedding for orphaned animals. The animal rights group is calling on other people to donate their fur coats to refugees.

“PETA can’t bring back the minks, rabbits, dogs, and other animals whose fur was torn off for fashion, but we can help people who are struggling to survive,” says PETA Director of International Programmes Mimi Bekhechi.

“We’re calling on fur-wearers to clear their consciences and donate their coats so that refugees and others in desperate need – the only ones with any excuse for wearing fur – can stay warm this winter.”


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