Greek Islanders Angry Over Animal Carcasses

Bull carcass found on Syros island last week


WARNING: Some readers may find these images upsetting.

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Residents on a string of scenic Greek islands have been left stunned and shocked by a series of grisly finds on their beautiful beaches.

The bodies of dead cattle have been washing up on the shores of several islands in the Cyclades, better-known for the touristic magnets of Mykonos, Naxos and Delos.

Upset locals have taken to photographing the unpleasant finds in an attempt to uncover answers to the mystery.

One bull was found washed up on Galissas, Syros last week but was followed on Monday by more dead livestock being found on sandy beaches on the islands of Tinos and Sifnos.

Dead animal found on Marmari, Syros

Although the local authorities have to taken to removing the dead animals, speculation is mounting that the unwanted arrivals may have come from livestock cargo ships passing by the islands.

Remains of an animal found on beach in Tinos.



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