Greece Among Top 10 Nations for High Fuel Prices

Greece is sixth in a list of countries with the most expensive auto fuel, with an average gasoline price of 1.56 euros per liter, according to fresh data from

Last week, fuel was sold at an average price of 1.56 euros per liter in Greece and Italy. Hong Kong was top of the list with at 1.69 euros per liter.

Iceland is the second-most expensive country with gasoline selling for an average of 1.67 euros, followed by Norway at 1.65 euros, Monaco at 1.59 euros, the Netherlands with 1.58 followed by Greece and Italy with 1.56 euros.

Israel (1.55 euros), the Wallis and Futuna islands in the Pacific Ocean (1.53) and Denmark and Portugal (1.52 euros each) complete the top ten.

Greece’s neighbors pay less for fuel. Specifically, in Albania it is sold at 1.33 euros on average, in Turkey it is 1.25 euros, in Cyprus 1.24 euros and in Bulgaria it is only 1.04 euros per liter.

The world average price of gasoline is 1.13 U.S. dollars per liter. As the website points out, the general trend is that gasoline is more expensive in richer countries where the price is also set on the basis of taxation.

The exception is the United States where gasoline is sold at 0.61 euros per liter.


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