Greek Holy Synod Against Use of “Macedonia” in FYROM Name

Although the Greek church insists on the absence of the term “Macedonia” in a future FYROM name, the Holy Synod said, according to Greek media reports, Archbishop Ieronymos does not support the upcoming rally over the name issue.

“We are following the issue very closely with a lot of agony, because it is not just a national Greek issue, it’s also a church one,” said the Greek archbishop according to Kathimerini news daily.

The Greek Church Holy Synod has been convening since Tuesday and according to reports is “not going to move” from its position against the use of “Macedonia” as a term in the ongoing negotiations about the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

In public statements today, the head of the Polyanni and Kilkisio parish, father Emmanouil said “we are steady in our decision both as Orthodox Christians and as Greeks”, adding though that the church leads through love. “We are against rallies or war.”

Archbishop Ieronymos clarified that the church opposes the use of the term “Macedonia” in the name issue, not any negotiating techniques used by Greek politicians. He added that the official Holy Synod announcement should be expected some time tomorrow.

When the FYROM name issue first broke out in the early 1990s, the Greek Orthodox church had openly participated in the rallies and demonstrations carried out against the use of the term “Macedonia” by the former Yugoslav republic.


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