Greek Channel’s Staff Fear Station Shutdown

About 420 employees of Greece’s Mega television station fear losing their jobs after signs the company’s management is not intent in joining a broadcast licensing tender next month.

In a letter sent to banks, the TV station’s shareholders said they would not file a final application for the television licensing competition.

This has been interpreted as the channel shutting down since it will not be able to broadcast after the end of February, the deadline for tender applications.

Shareholders’ reasoning for this decision was that more than seven bidders will participate in the tender for seven broadcasting licenses, something which could raise bids to an unaffordable price of over 35 million euros.

For almost two years, the station has been operating without news and entertainment programs. It mainly shows reruns and movies after owners suspended payments to news staff and ceased financing new offerings.

After the news that Mega will not bid in the license auction, about 200 employees held a meeting to discuss their next move. They also issued the following statement:

– “At this time, a crime against 420 Mega employees is in progress. Journalists, technicians and administrative staff have … prevented the station from closing down by working without pay for two years. Now they find out that they have been deceived.

– “Banks have accrued 50 million euros from advertising, but the channel’s shareholders have decided not to participate in the television license competition. Mega is [being] led to a sudden death.

– “The shareholders of Mega and the government must assume their responsibilities at the very last moment. 420 workers and their families are at imminent risk.”


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