Crowdfunding Appeal for Refugee Mothers and Babies in Greece

An international human rights group that has been supporting refugee pregnant women and mothers in Greece for more than two years has launched an appeal to raise funds that would allow it to improve its operations.

The Amurtel group, which maintains a mother and baby space in Athens, has in 2017 given shelter and care to more than 800 women from Syria, Afghanistan, Congo, Ethiopia and many other countries.

The group managed by women, provides midwifery care and lactation/infant feeding consultations as well as distribution of items for mothers and new-borns.

Amurtel says that it provides an essential service for vulnerable mothers and babies distributing about 6000 diapers, 180 underwear sets, 260 food packages and more than 50 baby kits, each month.

Pregnant women and newborns are disproportionately harmed by crisis, with more miscarriages, premature births, low birth weight, undesired pregnancies and birth complications than the average population, says Amurtel.

It adds that lack of adequate nutritious food, unfamiliar surroundings, and the often-unending psychological stress put pregnant women and infants at great risk.


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