Blanket of Snow Covers Parts of Central, Northern Greece (video)

    A weather front called ‘Theseus’ has brought a wave of cold and wet weather to Greece.

    Many central and northern parts of the country have been covered by a blanket of snow as temperatures have plummeted.

    The scene near Volos

    In Thessaly heavy snowfall has created problems on roads. In areas of high altitude in the region of Larisa, Volos and Trikala snow ploughing vehicles are working overtime to clear the roads.

    A village north of Larisa
    Near Karpenisisi
    North of Trikala

    Blanket of snow in Chalkidiki

    Further south, heavy rains and fierce winds have led to local flooding.

    Meteorologists say that the cold and wet weather will continue for the next few days. Temperatures are likely to drop further, and more snow is forecast.


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