Greek Town Mobilizes to Save 12-Year-Old Boy

The people in the town of Kozani in northern Greece have been mobilizing to save the life of a 12-year-old boy who suffers from a rare and serious health condition and is required to travel to Houston, Texas for specialized treatment.

Greek media report that the family of the Alexandros Melissinos have been unable to raise 30,000 euros required for the journey and the treatment.

However, ordinary people are rushing to donate even small sums of money to cover the cost.

Students, sport clubs and trade unions have been collecting money and a rally is organized on Sunday, January 21 at the central square to highlight the case.

“I never doubted my city and its people, but I never expected such a response,” said Alexandros’ father.

The twelve-year-old suffers from a rare disease in the bones discovered by doctors after he broke his leg playing football.

He spent four months at an oncology unit in a local hospital but his transfer to a special center in Houston was deemed necessary.

An appeal to raise the funds is on-going and friends and relatives say that the response has been amazing, as people from as far as the US and Jordan have contributed.


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