Most Greeks Οppose ‘Macedonia’ in Any New FYROM Νame: Poll

Border between Greece and FYROM



Almost seven out of ten Greeks oppose the use of term ‘Macedonia‘ by the former Yugoslav republic according to a new poll.

The survey by pollsters Marc published in Greek paper Proto Thema on Sunday reveals that 68 percent of respondents say Greece should not agree to a compound name which includes the term Macedonia; only 23.6 percent opted for a compromise.

Analysts say the poll confirms the difficult situation facing the Greek government, as negotiations between Athens and Skopje to find a solution to the 25-year-old dispute gather pace.

It also comes as Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos demanded a referendum should take place to ratify any agreement struck between Athens and Skopje on the name of the former Yugoslav republic.

Sunday’s survey findings suggest that opposition to the use of Macedonia is cross-party.

For example, 63.8 percent of SYRIZA voters say ‘No’ to the use of Macedonia by FYROM, while only one in four said a compromise should be reached.

Also, women overall were less compromising, with 71.3 percent saying ‘No’.

According to the poll, 73.3 percent of respondents from Macedonia and Thrace in northern Greece are also saying ‘No’.

The percentage is significantly lower in the south of the country. For example in Athens, 62.5 percent oppose any compromise.

Replies to the question whether Greece should accept a name that includes the term ‘Macedonia’