Greek Exhibition Displays Comic Art Masters (Photos)


Words and Images: The Art of Comics
Diabolik 2011, Giuseppe Palumbo (Photo Courtesy BroadLens).

Parole e Immagini / Λόγια και Εικόνες (Words & Images) is an exhibition set to visit seven different places all over Greece, to present the works of Yorgos Botsos, a Greek comic author and Giuseppe Palumbo, an Italian cartoonist, both representative of contemporary comic production in their respective countries.

Words and Images: The Art of Comics
Center of Mediterranean Architecture (Chania) (photo: BroadLens).

Botsos was born in Athens in 1960 and is the owner of a particularly interesting style in comics, which mixes expressionism with intense color and poetic texts. He is one of the most remarkable comic book artists in Greece; his career started back in 1987 when he published his first work in the magazine Vavel. Vavel has since published over 60 of his comics.

Words and Images: The Art of Comics
Yorgos Botsos, 2017 Ο κλέφτης του κίτρινου – The thief of the yellow (photo: BroadLens).

He has worked as a designer on different magazines and with text and images for children’s books. He collaborates with the Greek Academy of Art and Design (AKTO), where he directs the Sketch-Comics Cartoon department.

Comic Art in Greece
Yorgos Botsos, 1993 Η γυναίκα με το κεντρί – The woman with the sting (photo: BroadLens).

Giuseppe Palumbo is one of the top cartoonists in Italy, publishing his first series in 1986. Some of his works, such as the series Jumbo and Cut won huge popularity in Japan. Since 2001, Palumbo gas collaborated in re-imagining the beloved Italian cartoon Diabolik. He has a strong relationship with Greece and has participated in the Comics International Festival of Athens several times. During his visits to the city, he used to draw black and white sketches of the Greek capital which have been gathered in a small book, published in three different languages, called Minor Athens.

Words and Images: The Art of Comics
Giuseppe Palumbo 2009 Eternal Artemisia (photo: BroadLens)

The Embassy of Italy in Greece together with the Italian Institue of Culture and the Academy of Graphic Arts in Athens have put together this art exhibition that presents the works of art of both designers, two of the most prestigious authors in the impressive world of comics.

Words and Images: The Art of Comics
Giuseppe Palumbo 1988, Ramarro, The Hell in my Mind, (photo BroadLens).

Already hosted in Leros, Larissa, Messini and Patrasso, January sees the exhibition in Chania (Crete) in the Center of Mediterranean Architecture until Jan. 21. Thessaloniki will be next, from Feb. 1 till March 4 and it will reach Athens; first in Technopolis (April 12-16) and then at the Italian Institute of Culture (April 23 – May 19).


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