Greek Scientists Reassure Athenians after Earthquake (video)

    Greek seismologists say the magnitude 4.2 earthquake that rattled Athens on Monday evening was probably the main quake, adding there is no reason for alarm.

    The tremor had its epicenter just 25 kilometers (15 miles) northeast of the Greek capital, frightening many Athenians.

    However, there was no widespread panic as the scene from a TV studio at the moment the earthquake strikes proves.

    “We cannot say with certainty that it was the main earthquake but it is most likely. This region has no history of major earthquakes as no earthquakes stronger than 5 Richter have ever been recorded,” Geodynamic Institute Research Director, Gerasimos Papadopoulos, pointed out.

    Seismologist Gerasimos Houliaras said the quake came from the same focal area which on Jan. 9 produced 18 tremors within 10 hours.

    He did not exclude the possibility of follow-up tremors of similar intensity, but added that they are highly unlikely to create problems.

    “We felt the quake much more because it was close to Athens and had a small focal depth of five kilometers [3.1 miles],” he explained.


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