Lindsay Lohan to Open Second Club in Greece

Lindsay Lohan is to open a second nightclub in Greece in addition to the one she opened in Athens in October 2016, which is rather successful.

In an interview on the Wendy Williams Show, the 31-year-old actress said her future plans include a new club on Mykonos and a “Lohan Island” in Dubai.

Lohan also spoke about her nightclub in Athens; “LOHAN”, saying that it is going very well and she plans to open a new one on the cosmopolitan Mykonos island.

“I have my club in Athens and then we will open one in Mykonos. I thought, I’ve gone to many clubs (on Mykomso) so I should have one of my own!”, the actress said.

Asked by the show’s hostess whether it is a good idea for someone who previously had dependency problems to own a nightclub, Lohan replied: “Basically, not at all. It is a lot of fun watching other people make fools of themselves.”


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