Say Cheese! Athens To Join Museum Selfie Day

Pop star Beyonce joins the fun for Museum Selfie Day



The ubiquitous ‘selfie’ has become a part of modern life and on Wednesday Athens’ Benaki Museum will be using them to encourage visitors to say ‘cheese’ in front of its valuable art collections.

The first Museum Selfie Day was in January 2014, and saw both visitors and curators allowed to take selfies in front of especially chosen exhibits.

Usually photography is banned in many museums but the initiative will allow people to bend the rules and post their cheeky snaps on social media for one day only.

The website Culturalthemes, which was created by a group of museum professionals, came up with the idea in 2014 and it soon caught on. Celebrities like Beyonce and Jay-Z were among the first to post their visual social media tributes to Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol.

For 2018, international Museum Selfie Day is tomorrow. On Wednesday, the Benaki Museum is asking all its visitors, curators and art lovers in Athens generally to take part in this massive social media campaign.

The museum has already earmarked certain areas with high-profile exhibits as ‘Selfie Spots’ and is encouraging the public to take as many snaps as possible and to post them to their social media accounts.

Using the hashtags #BenakiMuseumSelfie and #MuseumSelfieDay, attendants can post their selfies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the tags @MuseumSelfieDay and @TheBenakiMuseum.


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