Greece Unveils Radical Change to Military Service

The Greek Defense Ministry has revealed radical changes to how it runs military service for thousands of young people.

According to the new policy, training centers dotted across various parts of Greece will be abolished.

From March, recruits will be asked to appear at reception centers near their allotted military units where they will not stay for more than 48 hours.

After that they will be transferred to units where vaccinations, uniforms, equipment and training will be provided.

For generations of young Greeks the training centers were the first taste of army life. Most stayed for about a month for basic training before being sent to their units.


The only facilities which will continue to operate are the Training Center for the Armor Corps and the Special Forces Training Center.

Greek defense officials say the changes will make military service more effective and will also save millions.

Greece runs mandatory military service program for males aged 19 to 45 who then enter the country’s reserves.