Greek Yacht Firm Snapped Up by Spain’s Nautal

Multi-million-dollar Greek yacht charter Incrediblue has been snapped up by Spain-based Nautal, one of the largest boat-leasing companies in Europe.

Antonis Fiorakis, CEO of Incrediblue, told this was Nautal’s first acquisition, explaining that the Spanish firm’s strategy is to buy other companies which are leaders in the boat-renting market.

The acquisition is for about 100 percent of the Incrediblue startup, but the sale price has not been made public.

The two companies now manage over 90 percent of the available fleet of recreational boats in the largest markets in Europe, according to

Incrediblue started in Volos in 2013 and later transferred its headquarters to the U.K. It has raised $2.2 million in funding from top European venture capital funds.

It has at its disposal over 1,000 boats and captains, ranging from small sailboats to large luxury yachts and catamarans with crew.



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