SYRIZA: In 3 Years We Helped Restore Greece’s Prestige

“Within a short period of time we helped Greece restore its lost prestige”, says the official SYRIZA statement celebrating three years in power for the leftist party.

The statement speaks of the administration’s achievements, “in spite of the negative power correlations…despite the strong reactions.”

“With a multidimensional foreign policy, with international initiatives and partnerships, especially with the countries of the South, with a policy based on the values ​​of peace and solidarity, based on good neighborly relations, we put Greece at the center of developments,” the announcement stresses.

“Three years later, the great effort to pull the country out of the crisis with society standing on its feet has begun to bear fruit. The significant drop in unemployment from 26% to 20.7%, the systematic fight against undeclared work, the upward trend of the economy and the retreat of the welfare state show that the exit from the eight-year period of the memoranda is very close,” it continues.

The statement also speaks of the welfare programs and the “reintroduction of the  Social State with new, strong foundations.”

SYRIZA further states the changes the government brought in the justice system, education reforms, reforms in the health sector and labor laws.

“We gave a fight and continue to fight the battle against nationalism, racism, xenophobia on a daily basis, particularly in the refugee sector, with the vast majority of citizens as our ally, where the universal values ​​of humanity and solidarity prevailed,” the announcement continues.

The statement concludes with a mention to the end of the bailout program: “We gave the victorious battle for the end of supervision. Now is the time for the next battle, for the next day. With people as our ally, it will be victorious. The struggle for the end of austerity and supervision in Greece will be victorious.”


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