EU Court Clears Greece Over Migrant Detention Case

EU’s top human rights court has cleared the Greek authorities of allegations of mistreatment made by three Afghan migrants arrested and held at an island detention center almost two years ago, the Associated Press reports.

The Council of Europe’s Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday that three plaintiffs, now aged between 25 and 29, had not been subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment by authorities on Chios after their detention in March 2016.

The court also rejected allegations that their detention had been unlawful, but ordered Greece to pay legal costs as well as an additional €620 ($770) to each plaintiff for failing to promptly inform them of the reasons for their arrest.

Meanwhile, Chios’ City Council has unanimously banned neo-Nazi Golden Dawn members from participating in any event organized over the issue of refugees on the island.

Golden Dawn members had wanted to participate in a city event about the overcrowding problem which island officials are trying to resolve with the Greek government.


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