Football Fans Force Athens Cinema to Cancel Film Premiere

The advertising billboard of the cinema was hastily re-arranged on Thursday

A cinema in the Athenian suburb of Nea Smyrni was forced to cancel a film premiere after fans of a local football team threatened to ransack the premises.

Panionios fans were enraged at the decision of the cinema to screen “1968”, a film highlighting the success of rival Athenian giants AEK.

According to reports, the owner of the cinema received a delegation from the so-called Panthers, hard-core supporters of Panionios, who made it clear that they would take action if he proceeded with the screening.

“1968” captures the glorious night when AEK won the European Basketball Cup, a triumph for Greek sport.

The new Tassos Boulmetis film is inspired by the epic game against Slavia Prague in 1968.

It was completed last year, but producers chose to release in 2018, during the 50th anniversary year of the legendary match.