Mikis Theodorakis to Address ‘Macedonia is Greece’ Rally


Renowned Greek songwriter and composer Michael ‘Mikis’ Theodorakis. (File photo).

World-renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis is to address crowds at a major Athens rally on Sunday called against use of the term ‘Macedonia’ by the government in Skopje.

Theodorakis, regarded as a guru of left-wing politics in Greece, is an outspoken critic of the Greek government’s attempts to solve the chronic dispute with FYROM by accepting a compound name that includes ‘Macedonia’.

The 93-year-old composer promised organizers that, if his health permits, he will be present at the rally. Otherwise, he will send a pre-recorded message of support.

In an interview to Greek paper Proto Thema, Theodorakis said Greeks are not “so stupid” to accept the so-called compromises offered by the FYROM leadership.

Last week in the Swiss resort of Davos, FYROM leader Zoran Zaev promised to rename the Alexander the Great international Airport and a major highway.

Theodorakis dismissed the offer, saying Greece should not give up an inch on the use of the name ‘Macedonia’.

He said there should be no moves away from a 1992 decision by Greek political leaders which declared the term Macedonia should never be part for the name of the former Yugoslav republic.

“If we now retreat from our original position, we will be opening Pandora’s Box,” Theodorakis warned.