Skopje PM Talks Up ‘Macedonia’ Name Deal Referendum

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) premier Zoran Zaev (file photo)


Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) premier Zoran Zaev reiterated his party’s position that a referendum over the country’s UN-sanctioned name resolution is necessary, adding it would provide additional guarantees for Greece.

“I don’t look at this issue as an obstacle. I see it as an additional guarantee for Greece that the solution will be permanent and it will remain forever and ever,” Zaev was quoted as saying.

He was responding to earlier comments from opposition party leader Ali Ahmeti who said that a potential resolution should be dealt with like FYROM’s agreement with Bulgaria; that is, voted upon by lawmakers without a referendum.

The FYROM name negotiations have been a divisive issue for both countries, with Tsipras on the receiving end of fierce opposition criticism and Zaev bickering with his country’s politicians.