US Ambassador Optimistic For ‘Macedonia’ Deal

In an interview with a Greek TV channel, U.S. ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt has said he is optimistic about a UN-sanctioned resolution of the Greece – FYROM name dispute.

“We support Matthew Nimetz and his UN efforts to resolve the issue,” the ambassador told SKAI TV’s reporters, referring to the talks between Greek and FYROM officials under the auspices of the UN special envoy and American diplomat.

“I am optimistic. The U.S. will do everything to support Matthew Nimetz in the coming days and weeks,” Pyatt added in the interview which will be transmitted on SKAI TV’s “Stories” report show late Tuesday night.

Reflecting on one of the U.S.’ foreign policy directives, the ambassador said it is in the interest of western Balkan states to join both NATO and the European Union.

This week will see UN envoy Nimetz visit both Athens and Skopje for meetings at foreign-ministerial level in an attempt to push forwards talks held in New York and recent bilateral meetings between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his FYROM counterpart, Zoran Zaev.


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