Only Venezuela Lost More Money Than Greece in 2007-2017

Police fire tear gas at protesters in Venezuela (courtesy of Andrés E. Azpúrua, Wikicommons)

Only crisis-hit Venezuela was ahead of Greece in terms of losing money in the ten years prior to 2017, new research claims.

According to New World Wealth analysts’ report, Greece came second on a list of countries which had the largest decline in wealth between 2007 and 2017.

Venezuela is currently the target of US and EU sanctions and has seen widespread violence as the socialist-led government attempts to hold onto power amid spiraling social divisions.

It is more bad news from New World Wealth which, in 2016, reported that 3,000 millionaires had decamped from Greece the year before.

Keeping Greece company on Tuesday’s list were fellow struggling southern EU members Spain, Portugal and Italy.