This Greek Undertaker Offers Funeral Live-streaming

A Thessaloniki undertaker has told Greek Reporter how his live streaming of funeral services offers distant friends and family the chance to join a loved one’s final journey — even from another continent.

The family business of Fanis and Vasilis Baboulas, Fanis Baboulas & Son, based in northern Greece, began streaming funerals two-and-a-half years ago.

“We began this service trying to fulfill a real need,” Vasilis Baboulas tells Greek Reporter.

“Some clients from abroad had asked for such a service as they could not be physically present for the ceremony.

“On many occasions relatives and friends cannot make last-minute arrangements to attend a funeral service. Our live streaming allows people from as far as the U.S. to see the service,”  Baboulas adds.

Up to now, six clients — four based in the U.S. and two in Europe — have used the service, which is provided for free.

Each funeral is covered by up to four cameras, depending on where it is being held.

Mourners are given a specific code to access the stream. This means that no one can snoop on private funerals.

The father and son team of Fanis and Vasilis Baboulas offer live streaming of funeral services

“The ability to live stream a funeral service is important today, as people are moving to all different corners of the earth,” Baboulas says.

A live stream allows distant friends and relatives the chance to take part in the funeral service for a friend in real time, as opposed to watching a recording sent after the event.


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