Ferry Passenger ‘Jumps’, Drowns in Aegean

    The body of the passenger is transferred to Syros port. Photo courtesy of Cyclades 24

    The body of a ferry passenger has been recovered by Greek rescue crews from the sea area near the island of Syros.

    The man, aged around 60, was last seen jumping late on Tuesday evening from the Blue Star Naxos ferry some four nautical miles off the coast of Syros.

    An eyewitness said he was certain the man had committed suicide.

    “I saw a middle-aged man standing outside the railings some 20 meters from me. I ran as fast as I could to reach him, but he jumped just as I got there. I saw him fall… He disappeared in front of my eyes and there was nothing I could do,” the 34-year-old man is quoted by Naxostimes.gr as saying.

    Greek authorities are conducting an investigation into the incident.

    The ferryboat had been traveling from Syros to Paros, Naxos, Irakleia, Schoinousa, Koukonisia and Katapola.


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