Greek Unemployment Falls, Remains EU’s Highest

Greece recorded the biggest percentage decline in the unemployment rate among EU countries in October 2017, falling to 20.7 percent of the workforce from 23.3 pct in October 2016, Eurostat said on Wednesday.

However, in a report released in Brussels, the EU executive’s statistics agency said the Greek unemployment rate still remained the highest in the European Union at 20.8 percent in September 2017.

In the Eurozone, the unemployment rate was 8.7 percent in December 2017 and 7.3 percent in the EU, the lowest levels since January 2009 and October 2009, respectively.

The unemployment rate was 9.7 percent and 8.2 percent in the Eurozone and the EU respectively in December 2016.

There were 17.961 million unemployed people in the EU and 14.137 million unemployed in the Eurozone in December 2017.

In Greece, the number of unemployed people totaled 990,000.

Youth unemployment was 40.8 pct in Greece in October, up from 40.3 pct in September.

In the Eurozone, youth unemployment was 17.9 percent and in the EU 16.1 percent in December.

(Source: AMNA)