Greek Farmers’ Convoy Rolls Into Thessaloniki (video)

Dozens of angry farmers drove their tractors into the center of Thessaloniki on Thursday, furious over austerity policies they claim threaten their livelihood.

Thursday’s action followed a similar protest that took place in Lamia, central Greece, on Wednesday. Other roads in central Greece were blocked by protests in January.

Reports say there are huge traffic jams in Thessaloniki as police have cordoned off main streets in Greece’s second biggest city.

The protest coincides with the opening of the Agrotica agricultural show which is among the top trade fairs in Europe.

Thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad descend onto Thessaloniki every year.

The winter months are traditionally a period when Greek farmers take their tractors to the streets demanding an increase in pensions, a cut in insurance contributions and better prices for their agricultural products.


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