Blank/White Vote in a Democracy

In a true democracy, a legitimate protest vote belongs to the people and not to political parties or to bad political systems for manipulation. It’s a valid People’s Veto against bad politics!

If a Blank/White Vote were recognized by Parliament in Cyprus or Greece – like in some other countries – things would be very different and Kommatokratia would not be able to control the minds of the people.

A Blank/White Vote win by a majority vote during local or national elections the elections become invalid and all the candidates in the invalidated election must and cannot participate in the new elections – they are out for good!

In Greece Blank/White Vote it’s actually recognized under law but it is not encouraged as a legitimate people’s protest movement. People are kept in the dark because political parties shudder at such a though! That would reduce their influence to manipulate the minds of the people for power. Political parties however are necessary but the White/ Blank Vote it’s also necessary to maintain checks and balances against bad government policies and bad politics.

Part III, Ch.1, The Organ of State

“The Court ruled that although the blank paper indicates a rejection of all the combinations proposed, it is not legally defective and is entirely valid. Therefore failure to include the blank ballots in the circulation of the total number of valid ballot papers is an impermissible breach of the core principle of sovereignty and the equal value of each vote (ruling 12/2005 Special Highest Court).

Sunday’s presidential elections in Cyprus on February 4, 2018 reveals a classic example of a dilemma faced by the electorate: To vote for the AKEL candidate and the party that ruined the island’s economy or vote for the current president that stole people’s money from their bank accounts without asking (Troika bail-in) to save a corrupt banking system?

If a Blank/White vote win was offered, that would banish both parties for governing the country again! In fact most parties have also announced they are not backing the two candidates – NOTA – none of the above!

A dilemma indeed for Democracy!

Andreas C Chrysafis is a UK published author of five books and over 400 press articles. His latest books “Aphrodite’s Sacred Virgins” and “Andreas C Chrysafis ART –Volume 1” are available to the reading public from bookshops, Amazon and Online book providers.