Greek Football Club Will Pay €20,000 to Police Injured by Fans

Two policemen were seriously injured in the clashes in March 2016

PAOK Thessaloniki was ordered to pay €20,000 ($25,000) in damages to two policemen  injured during clashes between football fans and police two years ago.

It is the first time in Greek soccer history a club was ordered to pay compensation to policemen who often find themselves embroiled in violent attacks in football grounds.

The damages were awarded to two policemen who were seriously injured during a cup game between PAOK and Olympiacos in March 2016.

Scores of fans ran onto the pitch and attacked police after PAOK was denied a late penalty. The match was called off and PAOK was later punished by the Greek Football Association.

One suffered a fractured leg and the other extensive burns from petrol bomb thrown by PAOK fans.

“This is the first time that police officers are awarded compensation for disturbances made on a football field,” police lawyer Thanos Charistos told, adding that the necessary security measures were not followed by the club.

“Security guards failed to spot dangerous items brought into the ground,” he said.

President of the Union of Police Officers of Thessaloniki, Thodoris Tsairidis, told that “this is a landmark decision. The court recognized that police officers are not punch bags”.


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