Mikis Theodorakis House Vandalized over Macedonia Rally (video)

The house of world-renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis was vandalized on Saturday, on the eve of the ‘Macedonia is Greece’ rally where he is the main speaker.

Unknown assailants sprayed red paint at his house situated near the Acropolis.

They also wrote a slogan on the wall which accuses him of participating in the “national swamp” of the Syntagma square rally.

No arrests were made.

Responding to a journalist’s question about the incident, Theodorakis said: “I am calm and ready [for the rally].”

Asked about the message he wants to send to all who plan to attend the rally he said: “Do not be be afraid. Strengthen your will, anger and determination.”

Theodorakis has expressed his strong opposition to any agreement with Skopje that would include the term ‘Macedonia’ in the compound name.

Accepting a name that includes Macedonia “will have disastrous results for the future of our country,” he said in a recent statement.

At 93 he is still considered as a leading figure of the Greek Left.

From an early age, he became a member of the Greek Resistance against the Nazis. During the Greek Civil War he was arrested, sent into exile on the island of Icaria and then deported to the island of Makronisos.

Later he became an MP for the Communist Party of Greece.

His enthusiastic endorsement of the rally on Sunday has angered many on the Left who have accuse him of selling out his principles.