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‘Contrasts’ Exhibition Tells Piraeus’ Story


Archaeological Museum of Piraeus (Courtesy of Documenta).

Contrasts” at Piraeus’ Archaeological Museum is an exhibition that tells the story of the Greek port city.

Piraeus’ unique characteristics are shaped by the differences which have always coexisted among the inhabitants of the area.

This contrast is the main idea behind the exhibition which talks about the social transformations since the foundation of Piraeus in the 5th century BC and the rebirth of the city in the 19th century.

A selection of artifacts showcases diverse aspects of the local population as well as many records that have kept track of their lives and their everyday occupations.

The exhibition pays strong attention to the rebuilding of the new Piraeus. It presents photographs that clearly speak of the contrasts that have always been part of the society. Trade unions versus rich parties; workers versus the bourgeoisie.

It also presents the current facade of the city: photos of the homeless on the streets, public transport projects and faces of local dwellers.

The exhibition will run all through 2018.