Lost for Words: Greek Artists Interpret the Tower of Babel


Artists of Chania interpret the tower of Babel.
(Courtesy of Ancient Times).

As from Monday, the Municipal Art Gallery of Chania presents the exhibition “Artists of Chania interpret the Tower of Babel”.

A group of artists from the Cretan city will use the whole building to present their visual work on the concept of the Tower of Babel — the Biblical story about how humanity came to speak different languages.

The building will be transformed into an architectural symbol of the Tower and will include direct and indirect references to what Babel means in our present lives.

Artists of Chania Interpret the Tower of Babel.
Artists of Chania Interpret the Tower of Babel.

In a statement presenting the exhibition, the curator, Myrto Kontomitakis, said miscommunication “is what the language of visual arts is for, able to correct this mistake. The many languages should not be the problem, but the purpose.”

The exhibition will run until May 21.