Case File of Greek Defense Minister Ammunition Deal in Parliament

The Supreme Court Prosecutor on Tuesday sent the case file of National Defense Minister Panos Kammenos who is involved in an effort to sell Greek Army surplus ammunition to Saudia Arabia.

Specifically, Kammenos is to be investigated for trying to sell 300,000 105 mm surplus projectiles to Saudi Arabia through mediator Vassilis Papadopoulos. According to Greek Law, armament deals should be done after a bilateral agreement between  two countries without a mediator.

The case file was drafted in the Corruption Prosecution Office following an investigation order issued by the Attorney General of the Supreme Court. The case file is forwarded to the House under the Law on Liability of Ministers, in order to investigate the possibility of breach of faith by Kammenos.

According to procedure, prosecutors and judicial authorities are required to send to the House evidence of a minister’s wrongdoing that are brought to their attention in the course of an investigation without any evaluation.

The case file includes a witness testimony, while mediator Papadopoulos, who has been summoned to testify, did not appear before the prosecutor.


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