Greek Parents More Addicted to Social Media than their Children

Greek parents spend more time on social media than their children, a new study by the Greek Internet Security Center says.

The study results were publicized on the occasion of the World Safer Internet Day, February 6.

“We must necessarily be involved in a lifelong learning process so we can perceive changes, challenges and risks, as the Internet is evolving,” said George Kormas of the Greek Safer Internet Center, on Agency radio.

One in three calls (33 percent) to the center’s helpline link in 2017 was about Internet dependence, Kormas said, saying that this is the biggest problem of Internet use in Greece.

Also, 20 percent of calls to the helpline were about Internet bullying and another 20 percent was in reference to violation of privacy, the center representative said.

An issue of concern for the Greek Safer Internet Center is that Greek parents do not follow EU regulations on parent consent to use the Internet. According to the EU, parents should give their consent to children under 16 to have access to social networks.

“We see that parents using the Internet let their children under the age of 13 to log in to social networks at a rate of 53 percent, a huge percentage,” Kormas noted.

“Parents use social networks at a rate of 60 percent, higher than the percentage of their children,” the Greek expert said, adding that “it is shocking, because one understands that the role model is very important at these ages”.




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