Engineer Sends Greek Bagel into Space (video)

A Greek engineer made the first known attempt to send a koulouri, the famous Thessaloniki round bread, into space.

Thanasis Foukis attached the koulouri to a hydrogen balloon and released it from the town of Ptolemaida in northern Greece.

The mission was for the balloon and the attached koulouri to reach the stratosphere.

As the balloon disappeared into the sky through the clouds, there was applause from the assembled crowd.

“My efforts and the sleepless nights of the last four months have been vindicated,” Foukis said, according to an Athens Macedonian News Agency (AMNA) report.

The first pictures from a specially customized GoPro camera of the space-bound koulouri appeared on the screen of his computer.

The koulouri could be clearly seen with the clouds as background.

What happened afterwards remains unclear. The balloon exploded after a few hours in its flight. The remnants of the koulouri were discovered many kilometres away near the town of Kavala.

Clearly a failed attempt to make it to the stratosphere, but applause all around for trying.