Greece Escapes Heavy Snows Seen in 2017

There was significantly less snow in Greece in early February compared with the same period in 2017, the service of the National Observatory of Athens said on Friday.

An analysis of satellite showed that on Feb. 6 only 11,000 sq. km of Greece was covered in snow, while snow cover during same period in 2017 was 32,000 sq. km, representing an approximately 66 percent decline in comparison with 2017.

According to researchers, the average snow cover in Greece in early February in the past 15 years was 16,000 sq. km, revealing significantly higher-than-average snow cover in 2017.

The National Observatory of Athens has established two snow stations on the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) and on Mount Psiloritis on Crete at an altitude of 1,580 and 1,480 meters, respectively.

The stations started operating in October 2017 and are the start of a snow-measuring network to be installed throughout the country.

It is indicative that at both stations on Crete in early February 2018, the height of snow was zero and snow cover started at higher altitude.
(Source: AMNA)


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