Greek WWII Resistance Icon Tells Skopje: ‘Forget Macedonia’

Following Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis’ endorsement of protests over the ‘Macedonia’ naming issue another prominent left-winger has come out against use of the term by the government in Skopje.

Manolis Glezos, one of two Greek students who famously tore down the swastika from the Acropolis during the Nazi occupation, has called on the Greek government not to give in to pressure nor sign an agreement with FYROM that includes the word Macedonia.

In an article for Greek newspaper Kathimerini Glezos warns politicians in Skopje to forget the term:

“Take out of your mind the word Macedonia in any form and put in place a word that best describes your history, your language and your traditions.”

He writes Greece should not accept a compromise solution just to assist in the expansion of NATO in the Balkans.

Glezos acknowledges that Greece is in a difficult position. “A country that has handed over everything to its lenders, even its national independence, has little room to react,” Glezos added.

He notes however, that the missing ingredient is unity, claiming the government and opposition are squabbling but in reality they are both indifferent to the name of Greece’s northern neighbor.

Glezos, who on May 1941 together with Apostolos Santas climbed the Acropolis and tore down the swastika, calls for peaceful coexistence with FYROM.


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