Novartis Claims Greek Scandal Debate ‘Politicized’

    Novartis, the Swiss pharma giant at the heart of a huge corruption scandal in Greece on Monday said it would take “fast and decisive action” to prevent future breaches of trust.

    In a statement, it said Novartis “continues to cooperate fully with the Greek and US authorities, we have also been conducting our own comprehensive internal investigation”.

    “We are determined to fully understand the situation and accept responsibility for any actions that fell below our high standards of ethical business conduct.

    “If any wrongdoing is found we will take fast and decisive action and do everything possible to prevent future misconduct.”

    The case of the pharmaceuticals giant and allegations that former top government officials — including two prime ministers — were receiving bribes has shaken Greece’s political world.

    Last Tuesday a file from the Supreme Court Prosecution Office was tabled in parliament.

    According to the case file, ten former high-ranking officials and other parties allegedly took bribes worth millions of euros from the pharmaceuticals company.

    There have been angry denials by the named individuals and accusations that they are being targeted in a political way by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ government.

    Novartis itself has said private information has been leaked confidentially and said debate around the allegations had become “politicized”.

    However, Tsipras on Monday insisted parliament should probe the allegations.


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