Turkish Paper: 11 Turkish and 8 Greek Ships Patrol Imia

Tension in the Aegean is rising as 11 Turkish and eight Greek warships patrol around Imia islets, following Tuesday morning’s incident of a Turkish Navy ship ramming a Greek coast guard boat.

According to Hurriyet newspaper, 11 Turkish navy and coast guard vessels and eight Greek ships patrol the Imia area.

Greece’s General Staff has not confirmed the number of ships of both sides at Imia.

Hurriyet says that from 2:30 pm several ships had gathered around the islets. At 2:45 two high speed boats carrying Greek soldiers caught the attention of the Turkish forces when they left Leros and crossed one mile from Imia and headed for Kos.

Earlier on Tuesday the Greek foreign ministry complained to Turkey’s envoy in Athens, advising Ankara to stop provocations in the Aegean.


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