Video of Turkish Warship Activity Across Imia Islets

Turkey’s Milliyet newspaper released a video of Turkish warship activity from an islet across Imia where they built an outpost to observe the area.

The video that was shot late on Wednesday aftrenoon shows Turkish Navy ships patrolling the waters around the contested zone. The island is Cavus Adasi, close to Bodrum and only two miles from Imia (Kardak for Turkey).

The Turksih warships have not left the area since early on Monday, when a vessel rammed a Greek coast guard boat near Imia. What followed was a provocative statement by Turkey’s foreign ministry on Tuesday claiming that Imia belong to them.

The presence of Turkish Navy ships indicates that Ankara continues to generate a climate of war, despite a statement by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim that the Aegean should be “a sea of friendship” between Greece and Turkey.




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