Drone Footage Captures Eerie Greek Shipwreck (video)

A spectacular drone video of an eerie shipwreck in the southern Peloponnese is lighting up Greek social media.

The video by Up Drones depicts the shipwreck of the Dimitrios (previously named Klintholm).

The 67-meter freight ship with the capacity to carry 965 tons of cargo was built in 1950.

It has been stranded and abandoned on the beach of Valtaki near Gythio, since December 1981.

The most prominent theory suggests that the ship was used to smuggle cigarettes between Turkey and Italy.

She was seized by the port authorities of Gythio and then deliberately released from the port and left to be dragged by the sea to the beach at Valtaki, about five kilometers (3.1 miles) from the port. She was then set on fire to hide the evidence of cigarette smuggling.

The shipwreck is visited by thousands of people each year as it is easily accessible lying next to a sandy beach.


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