AEK Clinch Greek Basketball Cup After Fan Trouble (video)

AEK have brought home the Greek Basketball Cup for the first time since 2001 with a narrow two-point win over a fancied Olympiakos side in Iraklio.

Having knocked city rivals Panathinaikos out in the semis, AEK led for much of Saturday’s final even as Olympiakos narrowed the gap at half time to 45-42.

Manny Harris was instrumental for the Athenians, helping to clinch a 88-83 victory for AEK in a year which also marks the 50th anniversary of the Greek side’s 1968 European Cup Winners’ Cup exploits.

The match itself was trouble free but clashes broke out in Piraeus port as AEK fans left for Crete, with fireworks, flares and other missiles being thrown on Friday.



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