Greek Graphic Designer Defies Erdogan Internet Ban

A Greek graphic designer and activist has vowed to continue his criticism of the Turkish government’s human rights record despite a ruling by a Turkish court banning his work.

The designer, operating under the moniker @JoDiGraphics, has been targeted by the Turkish authorities for creating an image criticizing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2015.

Three years after its first electronic publication, Twitter’s legal department informed him of the decision of the Turkish court and demanded the image be taken down.

The illustration that enraged the Turkish authorities depicts a blood-soaked Erdogan, bearing the phrase “Stop Killer Erdogan,” a reference to a slogan used by Turkish protesters against his regime in 2015.

@JoDiGraphics says that after the massive support he received in Greece and beyond, he decided not to delete the graphic.

He notes that supporters throughout the word are reproducing the controversial design.

“This photo has been reproduced in tens of thousands of electronic copies all over the world in only a few hours,” he says.

The decision of the Turkish court refers to 80 posts related to Erdogan on social media but also the names and the addresses of several blogs.

@JoDiGraphics is mentioned ten times in the court’s ruling that also demands the deletion of the image’s re-posting by other accounts and blogs.

The Turkish government has been in conflict with social media providers over political content for years. In 2014 Twitter was blocked in Turkey. Since service was restored Turkey has led the field in demanding the platform remove posts deemed offensive or insulting to the country’s rulers.


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