Eleusis and the Great Mysteries Exhibition Opens at Acropolis Museum

Demeter and Kore

The Acropolis Museum is hosting an exhibition of the most important artifacts brought to light by the archaeological excavation in Eleusis (Elefsina in Greek).

Titled Eleusis and the great mysteries, the exhibition will highlight the unique statue of the “Fleeing Persephone” (around 480 BC) and the votive relief depicting Demeter and Kore (Persephone)(470-450 BC).

“Fleeing Persephone”

In addition, ceremonial vessels, such as kernos, plemochoe and thymiaterion, as well as monuments depicting the leading figures of the great mysteries, Hierophant and Dadouchos will also be featured.


The exhibition includes archaeological findings from the Athenian Eleusinion and the Sacred Way, as the religious procession started from Athens.

For this reason, a votive relief from the area of Eleusinion and distinctive findings from the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, which is located next to the Sacred Way at the area of Dafni, are on display before the entrance to the exhibition.

The exhibition area has the form of the Eleusinian Telesterion including a small-scale version of the dark Anaktoron where visitors can watch a 15-minute video presentation with aerial photographs of the Sacred Way, representations, models, the archaeological site of Eleusis and many emblematic exhibits.

The exhibition which will open Monday, 26 February is conducted with the collaboration of the Acropolis Museum and the Ephorate of Antiquities of West Attica.

The exhibits are on a loan from the Archaeological Museum of Eleusis and the National Archaeological Museum.

(Source: Acropolis Museum)


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