Heavy Snowfall Hits Parts of Central Greece (photos)

    The town of Kozani, photo courtesy of kozan.gr

    Parts of central and northern Greece are covered in a blanket of snow as a low-pressure weather front hit much of the country over the weekend.

    The front, dubbed “Leto”, has brought snow storms even at low attitudes and a significant drop in temperature.

    Thessaly and central Macedonia were the worst affected regions.

    The town of Kozani in Macedonia has borne the brunt of the snowfalls. The city center is covered by icy snow and some schools and public offices stayed shut on Monday.

    Many roads were closed due to snow further south in the prefectures of Trikala and Evrytania. Correspondents say the snow reached lay one meter deep in places.


    Karpenisi, the capital of Evrytania, was covered with a thick layer of snow on Monday morning.

    Meteorologists are forecasting the snow storms will continue to affect parts of central and northern Greece on Monday. Heavy rains will hit the rest of the country.


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