Greek Municipality Releases Amazing ‘Great Escape’ Video

(Courtesy of Sarokinos Municipality).
(Courtesy of Saronikos Municipality).

Saronikos, one of the most historic municipalities of Attica, has just released a new tourism video, promoting the area as the true Athens city escape.

The Escape is the first promotional video created by the municipality of Saronikos, made to showcase its tourist potential to both Greek and international audiences.

Kouvaras forest, Sarokino
Kouvaras Forest (Courtesy of Sarokinos Municipality).

It successfully portrays the enjoyment brought by tradition, simplicity and the unique natural characteristics of the region and is the first of a series of promo videos that the local municipality is preparing.

(Courtesy of Saronikos Municipality).

The video was directed by Christos Gkinis and stars the residents and clubs of Saronikos.

Either for a day trip or for a longer getaway from Athens, traveling alone, with family or friends, the ever-welcoming land of Saronikos offers a beautiful natural landscape as well as history and traditions to experience.

Coastline (Courtesy of Sarokinos Municipality).
Coastline (Courtesy of Saronikos Municipality).

Saronikos, with the most indented coastline of the Saronic Gulf, is also home to the ancient “Strata tou Asteos” (Road of the City) that guided, and still guides pilgrims and visitors to the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.

Kouroi (Courtesy of Sarokinos Municipality).
Kouroi (Courtesy of Saronikos Municipality).

Also called the “Land of Kouroi (statues)”, which left a mark dating back to the Archaic period, Saronikos is also known as one of the major ‘lungs’ of Attica thanks to the Kouvaras forest. A place with natural harbors that Saronikos’ official page describes as an ideal getaway, both for the body and the soul.

Saronikos, the true Athens city escape.


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