Vandals Rampage Throughout Greece Over Jailed Terrorist Suspect

Extreme leftist groups have intensified their campaign of defiance and widespread vandalism throughout Greece in support of a jailed suspected terrorist.

In a message posted on an anarchist website they say that blood will be spilled if anything happens to Konstantinos Yagtzoglou who is being held at Larissa prison in central Greece.

Yagtzoglou, arrested in connection with a bomb attack against former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos last May, is on hunger strike.

He is demanding to be returned to Korydallos high-security prison where he was held before his transfer to Larissa last week.

Groups acting in solidarity to Yagtzoglou stormed the offices of the governing SYRIZA party early on Thursday in the Athens suburb of Kesariani.

The perpetrators broke the office’s windows and set off flares, causing serious damage to the building.

Earlier, an anarchist group claimed responsibility for a petrol bomb attack against riot police in the infamous central Athens neighborhood of Exarchia.

At the same time, an improvised explosive device went off at the entrance of a bank on Vouliagmenis Avenue, southern Athens.

Serious damage to the bank’s facade

Further north, in the town of Xanthi, perpetrators armed with stones and metal objects attacked at the entrance of the town’s Court of Justice, breaking all the windows of the main entrance of the building.

Xanthi Court after the attack

A sit-in at the University of Thessaly, also in solidarity to Yagtzoglou, took place in the town of Volos.

A banner in support of the jailed suspect was hoisted at the Municipal Library of Agrinio, western Greece, with the message: ‘Keep your hands off our fighters.’

Early on Wednesday a group of anarchists launched an attack against 11 stores on Ermou Street, Athens’ busiest shopping street. The perpetrators smashed the windows of the shops, causing serious damage.

In a post on an anarchist website, the assailants said the attacks on the shops on Ermou Street were an expression of solidarity for Yagtzoglou.

They have also threatened that they “will level Athens and Thessaloniki” unless their demands are met.


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